Fox Investigates: Subject Faces Judge

A carpenter for Philadelphia schools, who resigned after Fox 29 Investigates caught him working a side job on city time, faced a judge on Monday. William Pellegrini worked for nearly 30 years as a school district carpenter, until late last year when he up and retired. He had some strong incentive. Fox 29 Investigates had […]

Fox Investigates: Dentist Controversy

A dental clinic in the basement of a South Philly rowhome with no licensed dentist anywhere in sight. That’s what Jeff Cole and the Fox 29 Investigates team revealed Wednesday night in a startling report. State regulators have taken notice. Cole reported Thursday night that the woman seemed to have it all: chairs, lights, drills, […]

Fox 29 Investigates: Ambulance Fraud

When investigators talk about fraud in the taxpayer-funded health-care programs, they use the letter “B” for billions. For months Fox 29 has been on the hunt for it in the Philadelphia area in the ambulance business. In part 1 of a two-part report, Jeff Cole looks at walkers, front-seat riders who are patients who shouldn’t […]

Board That Will Rule On Philly Water Rates About To Become Reality

By Mike Dunn PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A long-planned overhaul of how water rates are set in Philadelphia is about to finally become reality. City Council President Darrell Clarke three years ago proposed to change the city charter’s antiquated method of setting water rates, replacing it with an independent water rate board. City Council this week […]

The Auto Show Is Here And It Really Is A Tool For Consumers

By Robin Culverwell PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia’s Auto Show is here and turns out it’s not just gearheads who attend it, shoppers do too. Pedestrian traffic is bumper to bumper for Philadelphia’s Auto Show. All those attendees translate into big bucks at area dealerships. Kevin Mazzucola is Executive Director of Auto Dealers Association of the Greater Philadelphia Area. […]

Little-Known Philly Tech School Rapidly Growing

By Cherri Gregg PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A tiny tech school in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia is growing so fast, they’re hoping to leap into a bigger space to serve more students in undeserved communities. Located on at the intersection of Ogontz Avenue and Washington Lane — the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute puts […]

Christie Making Third Foreign Trade Trip In Past Year

By David Madden TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) – It’s another trip for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who, along with his wife and an official trade delegation, will be spending the next three days in Great Britain. This trip, like similar visits to Canada and Mexico, is meant on its surface to create better business and […]

With Euro Costing Less These Days, Dollar Value Will Take You Farther Than Before

By Hadas Kuznits PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With the falling value of the Euro, this year might be a year to get a great price on travel through Europe. Suzanne Shank, Owner Atlas Travel East Norriton, says a Euro/dollar exchange rate of under 1 to 1.15 is almost unheard of. “It’s beyond amazing. It truly is […]